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  • More Than A Year Later...

    por The Zone · Deportes » The Zone · 12.04.2019 07:35
    Ok... here we go again... after another year of life a lot of things has happened.. I'd like to say that everything is going the way I thought it'd be... but no.. some are far from it.. some friends have parted ways to follow their dreams or passions... s...
  • Apple TV+ needs more than just A-list talent

    por Engadget Spanish · Tecnología » Engadget Spanish · 26.03.2019 19:35
    Apple's 'It's Showtime' event revealed the technology industry's worst-kept secret: the company was building its own TV service. The back half of the event was designed to show off the litany of A-listers the company had signed up...
  • Wolfram conoce el significado de la vida, el universo y todo!

    por TheKeeperOfthe7Keys · Tecnología » The ninth gate · 12.04.2019 07:35
    Ahora que está tan de moda el reluciente Wolfram Alpha, después de hacer algunas pruebas, decidí hacerle la pregunta definitiva: what is the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything? a lo cual respondió correctamente 42....