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  • How Each World Fared in the WvW Fall Tournament

    por Esto No Funciona. · Tecnología » Esto no funciona. · 10.08.2018 23:35
    How Each World Fared in the WvW Fall Tournament: We have a lot of talented people in the Guild Wars 2 community. One of our community members has created a series of fantastic infographics that show you, at-a-glance, how your World performed in the recent...
  • Homemade bread / Pan de Farnadeiros

    por Userlinux · Ocio » Userlinux · 30.07.2018 11:35
    When I was a child I can - barely - remember my grandpas preparing all the stuff for baking in a proper wood-fired oven the homemade bread, the best bread in the world I would say. Weeks ago the idea of repeat that ancient custom came up in a conversation...
  • A Canada embassy and Toronto Police

    por Comics Letras Plus · Actualidad » Comics Letras Plus · 07.08.2018 07:35
    Some three or four weeks ago Canadian embassy in Chile called young Chilean professionals and technicians to immigrate to Canada with their families. Canada officials appeared in all major Chilean newspapers talking about what would mean to live in peacef...