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  • Saying goodbye to the AdSense for Feeds blog

    por LUPS · Actualidad » ComunicARTE · Hace 7 día/s
    Thanks to everyone who has been a loyal reader of this blog over the years. After some consideration, we recognize that we're just not generating enough content here to warrant your time, so we won't be posting here any longer. Thanks again for being an e...
  • 'God of War's' New Game+ arrives on August 20th

    por Engadget Spanish · Tecnología » Engadget Spanish · 10.08.2018 03:35
    You may want to hold off on replaying God of War for the umpteenth time, at least for the next few days. Sony is rolling out New Game+ on August 20th, giving your next round of mythological father-and-son bonding new elements to make it a bit differe......
  • New CV Website

    por Blog De Rafa Minuesa · Negocios » Blog de Rafa Minuesa · 25.07.2018 11:35
    As 2008 ushers in, I get a new website for my CV, this time hosted at Geocities.I have divided the website into the following sections:Education Bilingual education: Primary and Secondary School in Spain and College in Australia. Most of what I know abo...
  • BASH, PS1 and the long commands

    por Userlinux · Ocio » Userlinux · 08.08.2018 07:35
    Had a strange behavior in my bash while browsing the command history. I'm always traveling in time with the <Up> arrow in my bash, but when a long command (longer than $COLUMNS) is being loaded, the prompt ($PS1) dissapears and it starts to behave a...