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  • Homemade bread / Pan de Farnadeiros

    por Userlinux · Ocio » Userlinux · 30.07.2018 11:35
    When I was a child I can - barely - remember my grandpas preparing all the stuff for baking in a proper wood-fired oven the homemade bread, the best bread in the world I would say. Weeks ago the idea of repeat that ancient custom came up in a conversation...
  • BASH, PS1 and the long commands

    por Userlinux · Ocio » Userlinux · 08.08.2018 07:35
    Had a strange behavior in my bash while browsing the command history. I'm always traveling in time with the <Up> arrow in my bash, but when a long command (longer than $COLUMNS) is being loaded, the prompt ($PS1) dissapears and it starts to behave a...
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    A Change of Template

    por Blog De Rafa Minuesa · Negocios » Blog de Rafa Minuesa · 25.07.2018 11:35
    The idea of making my own template, or rather tweaking someone's else, came about when one of my readers pointed out that my blog couldn't be read well in devices such as PDA's, due to not being properly "contrasted". He also complained about the main pos...