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  • Tesla's Smart Summon has been used more than half a million times

    por Engadget Spanish · Tecnología » Engadget Spanish · 03.10.2019 03:35
    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is very much aware of all those Tesla Smart Summon fail videos you've been sharing these past days. According to Reuters, the agency has even started looking into parking lot crashes involvin...
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    Maybe Tomorrow - The Iveys

    por El Trono De Hatti · Ocio » El Trono de Hatti · 26.09.2019 03:35
    Listen to a lonely sound. See the grey and sadness all aroundSee the people go their way. Care not of me and love I've lost todayMaybe tomorrow, I will love againI'll never know until I've looked into her eyesMaybe tomorrow, I will love againI'll never kn...
  • The Basic Facts of Essay Writer Reviews

    por TecnoBITA.com | Blog De Informática, Tec... · Tecnología » TecnoBITA.com | Blog de Informática, tec... · 28.09.2019 03:35
    The Basic Facts of Essay Writer Reviews Nowadays it is pretty difficult to find a trusted essay writing service. In case you might be trying to find an expert essay writer, you’re in the suitable spot! You have all the reasons to use a college essay wr...
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    John Wyndham: El día de los trífidos

    por Fer_br1 En Valencia · Actualidad » fer_br1 en valencia · 11.10.2019 07:35
    Idioma original: inglés  Título original: The Day of the Triffids  Fecha de publicación: 1951  Valoración: recomendable El día de los trífidos es una novela de ciencia ficción en lengua inglesa cuyo autor es John Wyndham (Knowle, In...