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  • Diario de Filmadrid (y 4). Thom Andersen. Y algo de Bressane, Lehman y Nicolau

    por El Dormitorio De Maud · Deportes » El dormitorio de Maud · 09.09.2021 03:35
    Anoche terminó Filmadrid. Y resulta difícil imaginar algo mejor para la jornada de clausura de un festival de cine que proyectar una película de Thom Andersen. Su última obra, The Thoughts That Once We Had no es sólo un canto de amor al cine y una reivind...
  • Cognitive therapy

    por Berny Polanìa Vorenberg · Actualidad » Social Anxiety Disorder · Hace 5 día/s
    What is cognitive therapy for social anxiety disorder? Although there is little controlled research evidence that cognitive therapy alone benefits patients with social anxiety disorder, this form of treatment may be used in conjunction with behavior (refe...
  • cuali2

    por Singinsilence · Ocio » Singinsilence · 18.08.2021 23:35
    También da una particular versión de la noción de descripción de grosor (GEERTZ 1973). Clifford GEERTZ's formulation of that term is susceptible to multiple interpretations and can be translated into various research practices. Some vulgar simplifications...
  • Bill Gates usa Firefox

    por Destacados De Tecnología · Tecnología » Destacados de Tecnología · 22.08.2021 23:35
    En una entrevista realizada por Tim Weber para la BBC, Bill Gates señala: “I played around with it a bit, but it’s just another browser, and IE [Microsoft’s Internet Explorer] is better,” Mr Gates told me, and challenged my assertion that Firefoxâ...
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    "... o somos o no somos"

    por Blog De Rafa Minuesa · Negocios » Blog de Rafa Minuesa · 24.08.2021 23:35
    It was haunting me since I had recently reread it, to the point that has forced me to write a new post in this blog:"... porque o somos o no somos"Does it sound familiar? Probably not if you don't speak Spanish or any other Latin-based language. The trans...
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    A Change of Template

    por Blog De Rafa Minuesa · Negocios » Blog de Rafa Minuesa · 24.08.2021 23:35
    The idea of making my own template, or rather tweaking someone's else, came about when one of my readers pointed out that my blog couldn't be read well in devices such as PDA's, due to not being properly "contrasted". He also complained about the main pos...
  • That"s It, That"s All.

    por YamuBlog · Deportes » YamuBlog · 27.08.2021 11:35
    That’s It, That’s All....
  • Got vaccinated

    por Userlinux · Ocio » Userlinux · Hace 7 día/s
    I got first shot yesterday morning. It was really quick, just went there, showed a QR Code and five mins later I got the vaccine. Then had to wait over 15 mins more to ensure I was feeling right and that was all. Easy peasy. Easy peasy for the ordinary ci...