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Than A Year Later

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  • More Than A Year Later...

    por The Zone · Deportes » The Zone · 22.09.2018 03:35
    Ok... here we go again... after another year of life a lot of things has happened.. I'd like to say that everything is going the way I thought it'd be... but no.. some are far from it.. some friends have parted ways to follow their dreams or passions... s...
  • New iPad Pros will reportedly get Face ID and lose the home button

    por Engadget Spanish · Tecnología » Engadget Spanish · Hace 7 día/s
    Apple's iOS 12.1 release back in September hinted at a new iPad launch before the year is out, and now new details have emerged on exactly what the device might look like. According to 9to5mac sources familiar with the development of the new 2018 iPa...
  • Epson's latest LCD projector does 4K for $2,000

    por Engadget Spanish · Tecnología » Engadget Spanish · 22.09.2018 11:35
    If you need another option for a 4K projector that won't completely break the bank, Epson recently introduced this Home Cinema 4010. Like the BenQ HT-2550 projector we reviewed earlier this year, it's doing a bit of trickery to hit that 4K-resol...
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    Mascarpone & agave syrup pink cream with 70% cocoa chocolate

    por Manámaná · Tecnología » manámaná · 18.09.2018 11:35
    The dessert I cooked for this Christmas' dinner, and probably for next dinner of New Year's Eve! I discovered it at Native Food&Wine thanks to Foodbuzz's Daily Buzz newsletter. It's incredibly easy to make, delicious and... highly customizable!ingredi...