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New Year

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  • More Than A Year Later...

    por The Zone · Deportes » The Zone · 02.01.2019 07:35
    Ok... here we go again... after another year of life a lot of things has happened.. I'd like to say that everything is going the way I thought it'd be... but no.. some are far from it.. some friends have parted ways to follow their dreams or passions... s...
  • 2018

    por Userlinux · Ocio » Userlinux · 31.12.2018 11:35
    It's not the end of the year but we're close. This year has been a bit weird, lots of unexpected stuff happened but hey, it's the game!. Twelve months ago we started the year having so much fun with the cryptobubble, getting back to the php world and lear...
  • Fantasmas de Navidad

    por MacVamp · Actualidad » MacVamp · 30.12.2018 03:35
    Los fantasmas de Charles Dickens siempre serán recordados por su obra A Christmas Carol pero la afición por lo sobrenatural no terminó ahí. A lo largo de su vida, sobre todo cuando dirigió las revistas semanales Household Words y All the Year Around, el t...
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    Mascarpone & agave syrup pink cream with 70% cocoa chocolate

    por Manámaná · Tecnología » manámaná · 29.12.2018 15:35
    The dessert I cooked for this Christmas' dinner, and probably for next dinner of New Year's Eve! I discovered it at Native Food&Wine thanks to Foodbuzz's Daily Buzz newsletter. It's incredibly easy to make, delicious and... highly customizable!ingredi...
  • Six months

    por Userlinux · Ocio » Userlinux · 22.12.2018 23:35
    Half of a year is a long time. But time passes, well, time flies. I was forced to learn to change my habits because some external factors: I've learned to live without exercising my body as I was used to. Sigh! I've learned to distribute time between dif...