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New Year

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  • More Than A Year Later...

    por The Zone · Deportes » The Zone · 12.11.2020 23:35
    Ok... here we go again... after another year of life a lot of things has happened.. I'd like to say that everything is going the way I thought it'd be... but no.. some are far from it.. some friends have parted ways to follow their dreams or passions... s...
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    Mascarpone & agave syrup pink cream with 70% cocoa chocolate

    por Manámaná · Tecnología » manámaná · 08.11.2020 11:35
    The dessert I cooked for this Christmas' dinner, and probably for next dinner of New Year's Eve! I discovered it at Native Food&Wine thanks to Foodbuzz's Daily Buzz newsletter. It's incredibly easy to make, delicious and... highly customizable!ingredi...
  • Fantasmas de Navidad

    por MacVamp · Actualidad » MacVamp · 08.11.2020 15:35
    Los fantasmas de Charles Dickens siempre serán recordados por su obra A Christmas Carol pero la afición por lo sobrenatural no terminó ahí. A lo largo de su vida, sobre todo cuando dirigió las revistas semanales Household Words y All the Year Around, el t...